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Baghchal Game 2016 * Baghchal; pronounce it "Baagh-chal" File: Baghchal Game 2016 File Size: 5.3 MB (both Trial and Pro) Copyright:   ©    2015-16  Sancha Bir Subba. All Rights Reserved. Version: 1.0  Fileversion: 1.0.0 Download Links are as under: 1. Click here to download Trial of Baghchal Game 2016. 2.  Downlod Pro of Baghchal Game 2016 .     Price: $ 1.99  Download Buy Pro version for fully access. You will be prompted instantly to download the product after purchasing, the downloading link will be sent to your email, and will be valid for seven days . If any problem contact the developer. Minimum System Requirements: ·          Window  XP and  Window 7 (not tested but you can download a file from Microsoft Webs:  dotNetFx40_Client_x86_x64.exe ,   download  in order to run the game), Window 8 or greater. ·          i3-3110M, CPU @2.40 GHz 2.40 GHz or greater ·          1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM recommended) ·          64 bit

Limboo-English-Nepali Dictionary or Trilingual Limboo Dictionary-Trial

Trilingual Limboo Dictionary-Trial Author and Software designer: Sancha Bir Subba Click here to download this dictionary Welcome to the new brand Trilingual Limboo Dictionary which is not only new and latest but it is the first ever modern Limboo Dictionary software in the world. It is prepared on the basis of modern education. The dictionary is not only for the Limboos but Nepalese and other people can also view and search a word meaning in English and Nepali too. This dictionary is allowed to use in School, College and Educational Institution, especially for the students. And it is much more helpful and supportive also for the new learner of Limboo Language because this dictionary provides three different languages; Limboo, English and Nepali, you can find a word meaning whichever language you prefer among three of them. You can easily learn Limboo Language through word pronunciation, grammar practice, pdf article (available in Limboo script) of Limboo tradition and cul

Typing Course for Beginner

Typing Course For Beginner Data are released at Free of cost! To download Click on the Following links; 1.Typing Course for Beginner This is released for improvement of typing skill of Limboo through rapid typing. INSTRUCTIONS OF THE LIMBOO TYPING COURSE SETTING UP IN RAPIDTYPING 4.6.6. BY USING LIMBOO UNICODE FONTS You must have the rapid typing software and the downloaded Limboo fonts (Sanchabir bold or Sanchabir kurle) to access the rapid typing for Limboo. How to inset the Limboo texts in Rapid Typing 4.6.6. : 1.    Open the Rapid Typing 4.6.6 . in your computer, go to Keyboard Language and select En India , go to Options and select the font, you will get displayed dialogue box, there you can select the Limboo fonts ‘ Sanchabir Bold’ (you need to install the Limboo font first) and click on OK tab. 2.    Click on the Show lesson Editor or Press F4 . 3.    Now you will get the list of lesson in a tree view, there you will see Basics and move the cursor in

English Unicode Fonts at free of cost

English Unicode Fonts: To download English Unicode fonts click on 1. Sancha Curly Black This English font is full of Style and rolling and curly writing. I've released this fonts at free of cost. INSTRUCTIONS OF THE ENGLISH UNICODE FONTS How to install: 1.      Open any English Unicode Fonts from the downloaded zip folder (Realisticart Calligraphic Limboo Unicode Fonts) 2.      You will get the install setup at the top of the displayed dialogue box of the font. And there also you see the basic information about the font. 3.      Click on the install setup. 4.      Now can install the other fonts also by using the same process. How to Type: 1.      Open Ms-word, go to home tab>font family (ctrl + d), select or search any recently installed English Unicode font by its name Sancha Curly and press enter or click on the font. I hope that the fonts will meet your required needs and help you to avail Stylist English font facility.  And you can take out y

Limboo Unicode Fonts at free of cost

Realistic Art Calligraphic Limboo Unicode Fonts Limboo Language is a unique and regional language of India and Nepal. You know this language is mostly spoken by the people of Sikkim and Limbuwan in Nepal. And some parts of India, Nepal and Bhutan. According to History of Shodungen Iman Shing Chamjong, our Limboo scripts are discovered and invented by our king, Sirijonga Hang. Later, the scripts are edited and improved by his follower, Sirijonga Tyongsi. And in this scripts, Iman Shing Chamjong also lunched and added eight Chuk Saksa in our present Limboo alphabets. Here, I have tried to lunch the Limboo Fonts with full of Style and Calligraphic Design. These Limboo fonts are designed and prepared at medium quality software for personal use only. I'm unable to bring out the Limboo fonts at commercial level but I'll try to bring it out in future. Note: The Limboo Fonts are you can only use for offline typing purpose but you cannot use for online typing purpose because o